Taking the raw materials from the sound of disco in 1979 and hitting it with a large fatness stick in 2011, Andromeda Orchestra is the sound of an alternative yesterday reinvented for the future. Kicking off is the disco bomb titled "Sensitive" which is anything but, with disco producer extraordinaire Pete Herbert performing the re editing duties. Swiftly followed by the original special disco mix , Sensitive is old school disco which has been played, not programmed, with live bass, guitar, piano, solina and disco breaks, spinning a heady mix on the dance floor. "West Coast Lady" does more of the same with added bearded backing vocals from the west coasts finest. Bringing up the rear is the original mix of "He is Coming", featuring full male voice choir, cosmic lead and retro space age sound fx. Andromeda Orchestra has had the dust blown off and is ready to dance again.

Andromeda Orchestra - Sensitive EP by faze action

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