Newbie Nerdz - Dont Want (Kreature Remix)

Newbie Nerdz is a duo formed by the Italian newcomers Dario Frenda & Alex Vovel, their sound is fresh & its nothing like a newbie producer would do. This would be their first release with Neim Records, so, giving the name to the EP, Immagination slow & sexy is what this track is all about, the analog bass comes together with the beautiful vocals amalgamation the sounds & creating an amazing feeling that music need these days. Dont Want delivers the dirty part of the EP, a heavy bass is what this track has to offer. Kreture's interpretation comes hand to hand to the original adding nastyness to the bass giving the track an extra punch for the clubs.

Luminodisco - Ragazzini / Diavolo Di Un Disco

The deep-disco fucked'up hands in the air vibes of "Ragazzini" and that crazy acid rhumba bongo track (accordingly to Prins Thomas) called "Diavolo Di Un Disco" makes this 12" another Hell Yeah rec little classic in the making and give Luminodisco the status of producer to watch if you are looking for different honest electronic party music this year.
Luminodisco equals disco made in Italy. Firmly linked to DWDK (Danny Was A Drag King) by Ajello, the latest offshoot of the ever-blinding Hell Yeah label, it’s the moniker of Federico Costantini: a resident of the Exe-cute parties, an eclectic artist with southern Italian blood and a Roman soul. His story goes like almost every nice club music fairytale. After bothering his neighbors with post-rock, Costantini was then struck by Kraftwerk, put his guitar back in the closet and began to play around with synthesizers and a vocoder. If his releases Questo Amore Splendido and Balerama are anything to go by, all that's left to do now is sit comfortably and wait for what seems to be one of the hottest artists on the Italian mirror ball scene, present and future.

Luca C & Brigante Feat. Robert Owens - Tomorrow Can Wait

Luca C & Brigante now unveiling a collaboration with Chicago legend and Fingers Inc frontman, Robert Owens, who joined them for a 4-day recording session in Ibiza last year, 'Tomorrow Can Wait' is the result of this meeting of minds and demonstrates Luca C & Brigante´s diversity and power to produce electronic music that moves the dancefloor while fizzing with emotion. On what the duo themselves have labelled a follow-up to ´Morals´, Robert´s iconic vocals are juxtaposed with a rugged bassline while an orchestra of ethereal sounds dance around the beat. On the flip, Toronto's major players Art Department deliver a remix that bristles with offbeat energy, haunted keys, murky bleeps and elasticated bass.

The Miners - The Dark Club

The Miners is a project created by Brazilian DJs and producers Alex and Philip Souza Braga, with productions in the style Deep House. The project is gaining space on E-Music with independent productions, and with a unique style.


Miguel Campbell - Not That Kind of Girl

It is an album I have been looking forward to for almost a year since Miguel Campbell took over the deep house and deep disco scene with his iconic and phenomenal tracks "Something Special" and "Baby I Got It". "Not That Kind of Girl" is the first single from his forthcoming album, which will be released later this year on Hot Creations.


Martin Brodin - Cash Money

Martin Brodin needs little introduction as his quirky blend of beautifully produced beats and label 'MB Disco' have been making rather large waves within the Nu-Disco community for quite some time.
Martin Brodin is mainly known for his organic Disco productions but Cash Money is far more electronic in sound, with a full-bodied analog bassline and vocoder vox helping drive this epic track. It's not all Kraftwerk though, as Brodin sprinkles his trademark Disco-agogo cowbells creating a warm organic sheen.
For those that want less vocoder, we have some Extra Cash Money, a dub version that strips that track back to a sparser groove, and on remix duty we have Mullets' very own Casio Social Club, who go all-out acidic bleepy Disco with feel-good poly chords to boot...

Crackazat - Book On The Beach

Following a killer EP of more downtempo leaning grooves on Astro:Dynamics earlier this year, Bristol’s Crackazat returns on Futureboogie with some material aimed squarely at the floor. “Book On The Beach” combines rolling congas with a laid back Chi town groove and nimble bass work. Get your summer percussion disco boogie on!

Mario Basanov - Closer EP

Lithuanian super producer is coming back for more and for showing the other side of his multifaceted musical persona. Best known for catchy hooks, pop melodies and vocal productions, Mario delivers here two slow burners in form of Closer and Something About. Darker and deeper than one might expect Mario Basanov is at his best here. On remix duties are two fellows from the other side of Mario’s studio wall – a dynamic duo of Saulty and Bradka better known as Downtown Party Network. The combo pitched up the tempo, beefed up the groove, and even added some euphoric stabs and strings for enhanced dance floor usability of the title track.

Sebastian Lind - Another You (Lou Van Remix)

Copenhagen based DJ, producer and radio host Lou Van are back in the game with his remix of danish singer-songwriter Sebastian Lind's "Another You". The track is a deep disco summer bomb which contains groovy and driving basslines and soulful, heartfelt vocals..


Penner + Muder - Presence Of Another Man (Round Table Knights Remix)

Originally released as part of their 'Another EP' through Wazi Wazi Music in April 2010, Penner + Muder return with an exclusive vinyl package, including two brand new remixes on Jackmode. The 12' release comes with the original mix of the Penner + Muder underground hit 'Presence of Another Man' for the first time on vinyl, as well as two remixes by Round Table Knights and Noir on Side B.


5 Years Diynamic

The label Diynamic is out with their 5 year anniversary charity compilation.. Here are the 3 songs that i find most interesting!


Storm Queen - Let’s Make Mistakes

After releasing some huge hits "Look Right Through" and "It Goes On" Storm Queen aka. Morgan Geist releases his third single, called "Let’s Make Mistakes", is out now on Environ Records and features once again the vocal talents of Damon C. Scott..


Rory Phillips - Mover

Following on from a well received first volume, Rory Phillips continues his Mixed Fortunes singles series with the second instalment 'Cosmic Fluff' b/w 'Mover'. 'Cosmic Fluff' is the sound of machinery beating with a mechanical heart. The combined 909 and 303 attack has already made into the festival sets of Erol Alkan and 2 Many DJs but basement clubs are it's spiritual home. An altogether moodier affair, 'Mover' channels the dark soundtracks of the late 70s, as analogue synths work in harmony with live piano and drums.

dOP & PillowTalk - Your feelin'

The French trio dOP teams up with another trio, San Francisco’s PillowTalk, for opening track "Your Feelin'" from their latest EP. As usual, PillowTalk brings their signature soulful, old-school inspired vocals to the table. But underneath that, dOP shine through with their original production. At first listen, the poppy vocals and upper octave reverbing synths are what catch the ear, giving the song an upbeat feel. After a few go-arounds, however, the low wonky bass line and a subtle, haunting, atmospheric blanket of sound throughout the song muscle their way to your ear, giving the track an more ominous twist.


Kreature & Matt Fear - One Breath (Original Mix)

"One Breath" by Kreature & Matt Fear has a savage bass line, baleful vocals, and grim feel and this track is sure to take you deep into darkness. Out now via Nurvous Records Overall this whole EP is marvelous. Every song from start to finish is a dance floor sensation and the only problem with the EP is its addictive nature..

Sugardaddy - How Long (Tensnake Rework)

Tensnake trigger this summer with a stunning Balearic-inspired rework of Sugardaddy’s cover of Ace’s 1974 single "How Long". Groove Armada’s Tom Findlay has teamed up with producer Tim Hutton as Sugardaddy for this exclusive cover of "How Long", taken from the new Late Night Tales themed compilation "Music For Pleasure". Tensnake’s rework is out soon on Late Night Tales.

Viadrina - Pop Song (Adana Twins' Pop is not Dead Remix)

Poland based Viadrina aka Konrad Slazyk and Mateusz Kazula had a crushing impact with their debut release, the "Better EP" earlier this year on Pets Recordings. The duo is out with their latest work, "Popsong"/"Tomorrow". The Adana Twins stay true to the track title, upping the "Pop" ante with their driving electro bassline.


Monsoon Season (feat Miss Bee) - Green On Blue (Moon Boots Remix)

Lithuanian newcomer Monsoon Season serves up a delicious slice of nu disco here, featuring vocals by Miss Bee and remixes from Moon Boots, Satin Jackets and James Johnson, covering the full spectrum of summertime vibes!

PillowTalk - Sunny

The boys from Mercury had a massive hit with their edit of Marvin Gaye's version of the classic "Sunny". Now it's time for San Fran trio Pillowtalk! They serving up tastefully housed-up soulreworks of Bobby Hebb's "Sunny", this time with the simplest of house beats added, making this an essential for hot summer nights. The A-side is a edit of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell's late 60s soul anthem "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing", turning it into an extended, chugging disco-soul bomb.


Sir Own - Hooked (Kon’s Nite Time Remix)

It’s finally here, one of the most talked about and sought-after reworks in recent time, Kon’s stunning remix of Cerrone’s ”Hooked On You”. Originally released back in 1981 and featuring Jocelyn Brown on vocals this updated version has been given the royal treatment by Kon and is now finally out on coloured marbled vinyl. Strictly limited one-sided 12” that already is a collectors item.


Rogue Vogue - When I Looked At You

Absolutely brilliant track from dance capital of Chicago’s newest jackin’ & swingin’ producer Rogue Vogue. His first original track brand new jam “When I Looked At You” has already been featured on The Magician’s magic tape 24 and it will be released very soon via French Express.

LeSale - LUV004

This time the turn of LeSale to pull out the big thick juicy drums and chunky basslines for which Luv Shack is making a very respectful name for itself.Guaranteed heavyweight thump when you flop the needle to the left side every time with the Luv Shack.
Original mix of “We Go Straight Ahead” gets us off to the pristine start with a huge slice of modern Vienna Disco Funk. It’s tight, it’s tasty and the tempting vocal teases to the max.

Burnin Tears tear away some of the Funk but add the energy in a proper remix style for “We Go Straight Ahead”. The big trademark claps from the guys get the thing moving, and I mean moving. Style all the way too with textures and woven sound giving it the elegant tactile quality which is missing from so much of todays music.

B Side begins with “What You Get” in its original guise. Again, another thumping humping banger with a cheeky sample of something to tease the living daylights out of you and me! Nice prodding too of the synth aiding and abetting this classy little musical mood swinger. And what about that “little bell”? I definitely want that shit on my new bike.

And finally, Jakobin & Domino get a shot to remix “What You Get”. ‘Last but not least’ goes the saying. Or should we say ‘leave the best to last’? What a great remix from the J&D, flexing their musical muscles big time with some seriously deep House. Just turn off the feekin’ lights for this one and get totally lost and submerged. A deep serene, almost tranquil groove, I was just as comfortable listening to it lying down on a sofa, as I would be dancing upright like a nutcase at a club. Love it!


Shaboom - If You Need Me (Larse Unreleased Remix)

Shaboom's If You Need Me was originally released in 1997. It features a deeply moving vocal performance from Disco House Musics Prima Diva Taka Boom, and was written and produced by Mark Blakkat Bell. In the summer of 2011, three of Shaboom Records favourite young German Producer/ remixers got a chance to get their teeth into the multitracks, and these are the stunning results. The Manuel Tur Vocal mix, is the follow up to his epic remixes of Totally from 2010. He takes a driving Afro style techy groove and blends it into a Deep Soulful Tech House Monster. Definitely peak time, big floor, and absolutely another classic! The Langenberg Remix is quite simply sublime. Its hints of old school Latin influenced Chicago House; tastefully fuse with the soulful vocals. The mix gently builds and develops into a full on anthemic crescendo! Not a dry eye in the house! Larse Remix is a mid tempo, deeply hypnotic Disco Funk groover that invites you to come get some! Its a relentless slab of delicious sound that just builds and builds and doesnt let up. Very sexy and intense, this will heat up any dance floor, a must for lovers of that Slo Mo sound!