Mollono.Bass, Ava Asante - Traumtaenzer (Gorge Remix)

What happens if the low-pressure system Mollono.Bass meets an atmospheric high-pressure system named AVA Asante? It's the perfect storm of dance floor bliss! This spectacle of nature could be witnessed at the one or the other open air party during the last summer where it set the crowds into a dreamlike state of euphoria... Using his unmistakable organic groove, Acker Records bigwig Mollono.Bass lays the rhythmic foundations of Traumtanzer. Upon it, Ghanaian beauty AVA Asante plays her violin, building and building, getting ever more intricate and elegant, creating a fantastic crystal palace of sound. The perfect playground for Rene Bourgeois, who jumps up and down its bright corridors and halls, making the ground shake with his lively rhythms. Gorge sheds a warm summer sun upon this palace of sound: The subtle, ever growing build-up of his progressive housey version eventually erupts into rolling bass pressure and catchy chord sounds. Finally the Stereo Express remix departs towards dreamy, minimalist soundscapes, every now and then hit by a refreshing shower of metallic hi-hats.


Miguel Puente - Something Going On EP

Miguel Puente has been dropping a fresh sound recenlty releasing in Hot Waves, Lower East, Digital Delight and more. For his debut EP on Akbal Music he provides 3 great original tracks that come together with 2 massive remixes by Balcazar & Sordo and Wildkats.


Blond:ish , Balcazar & Sordo feat. Bastard Love - Island Eyes

Blond:ish, Balcazar & Sordo and Bastard Love cooperates on "Island Eyes" forthcoming soon on the next compilation on Hot Waves the label of Jamie Jones & Lee Foss.


JEUDI's Friends EP Volume II

Every successful story has it's sequel . After the overwhelming great response to Volume One JEUDI Records is introducing new and already well known friends to the next chapter.The story is to be continued by Denis Yashin, Tapesh & Dayne S, Bunte Bummler and CamelPhat.Four well choosen tracks.
A1: "Right Now" is a driving primetime sureshot. A perfect club arrangement with huge build ups and forward facing excitement.
A2: "Of Moons &" imaging a piano player in a hotel lounge joined by a powerful drummer turninghis tune into a solid deep house track. Add a lascivious female whisper fading in a rooted dark melodic voice and you listen to this addictive piece called Of Moons &.
B1: "So Far" is bringing back the smell of summer. That's how you start your night with great spirit of optimism. Put this tune on and pictures of an open air dancing good vibed crowd comes to your mind.
B2:"Beautiful Laziness": Denis has already found the perfect title for his piece. Calm down, catcha breath and enjoy.

Tapesh - Generation (Hot Since 82 Remix)

The new Brazilian label Warung Recordings debut release was Kolombo's "Get So hot EP" and now they are already out with their second release Tapesh's "Generation Ep" which comes with remixes by Hot Since 82 and DeMarzo Remix

Tapesh - Generation (Hot Since 82 Remix)

Sidney Charles - House Lesson

After huge success with "Don't Go" and "Falling", Sidney Charles is ready to drop his next bomb on Avotre by Sidney Charles. House Lesson is a straight up house number that is reminiscent of the US house sound - full of groove, drum rolls, hi-hats, snares and a vocal.

Finnebassen - You're Not Cool Enough

Finnebassen's new amazing tracks "You're Not Cool Enough" is a part for Acid Fruits' 13 track compilation Fresh Drops Vol. 1. Finnebassen continues in the usual successful deep style.


Matthew Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)

Pampa Records boss DJ Koze drops a sublimely wonky remix of Matthew Herbert’s "It’s Only" from his Bodily Functions album. Herbert’s jazz infused shuffle gets some decidedly deep and dance floor orientated low end fuzz - ouch! Coming soon on Pampa Records.

Thomas Gandey, Maxxi Soundsystem - Shake Your Head

This time UK based DJ/producer Maxxi Soundsystem has teamed up with his old friend Thomas Gandey and together they have created the "Shake Your Head EP". The release also features remixes by PBR Streetgang and Moda Black label bosses Jaymo & Andy George.


Adriatique - Face To Face EP

Culprit’s last release of 2012 represents an emphatic statement of creative intent from another young production team whose star is in the rapid ascendancy. Swiss duo Adriatique’s Culprit debut, ‘Face to Face’ EP feels like a first confident step toward what may become one of the label’s defining artistic relationships in the new year. The "Face To Face EP" meets the Culprit grade with style: brimming with fine musical ideas,genuinely conceived and precisely executed modern electronic house, perfectly in tune with the times yet projecting an individual and coherent style. Dance floor – ready stuff with depth and verve, it’s the sound of two fine young talents finding a Culprit home. The release date is Dec 19, 2012

"Circle of Love" marries a soulful vocal with one of the best set of deep bassline melodies ever released on Culprit, perfect for the early morning hours.

The title track "Face To Face" is a finely balanced work, irresistibly combining deep chords with the dance-floor destroying bassline and an infectious vocal hook. It’s already a firm favourite with the Culprit and Diynamic DJ camps.

"Blackbox" is an on-point example of what makes the EP such a great fit for the LA-based label’s oeuvre, it’s guitar driven bit of psychedelia a counterpoint to jozif’s Culprit work, its electronic plaintiveness in line with M A N I K’s recent EP.

"Need it Now" is the early evening counterpart, with another killer bassline and just enough propulsion to get any discerning party started.

Betoko - Not alone (Climbers Grey Sky Remix)

Betoko aka Beto Cohen is originally from Mexico but resides currently in London and produced one hit after another on labels like Diynamic, Get Physical and Supernature. Mexican duo Climbers have made amazing new deep house remix of Betoko's "Not alone", that absolutely nails the ate night chilled deep house vibes.


Phil Kieran and White Noise Sound - Never Believed (Noir Remix)

Noir has always been a big fan of Phil Kieran's music and he does not that many remixes, but this is one of the few and Noir really satisfied with the drive and outcome of this one.

Lazaro Casanova - Miami Winters EP

For it's thirty-third release petFood label boss, Lazaro Casanova, brings us back to the foundations of House music to stimulate your mind, body, and soul. The 'Miami Winters' EP is another edition in Lazaro's constant pushing of Miami bred House music. 'I Believe' gives a nice nod to the Murk sound via a tasteful blend of hypnotic percussive grooves and a chunky tenacious bassline. 'Give Me Everything' marks the reappearance of the orchestra hit, making us feel like we are currently residing on planet rock. Welcome to Winter in Miami...

Dharkfunkh feat. D'urso - Killer

The Birmingham-based Dharkfunkh feat. D'urso - Killer is is basically a deep house remake or cover of Adamski's massive 90's hit "Killer" featuring Seal. It is out now on Off Recordings.


Me And My Drummer - Don't Be So Hot (Tale Of Us & The/Das Remix)

With their single "You’re A Runner“, Berlin dream pop duo Me And My Drummer have caused quite a stir (BBC, XFM, amazingradio, Spinner, 405 to name a few). The follow-up single "Don’t Be So Hot“ keeps the promise given, along with the international release of their high anticipated debut album "The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey“. Now, with these stunning remixes by Tale Of Us and The/Das the band even goes ahead and two shimmering musical worlds combine to explore new territories.


Sivesgaard - In the Night Remixes

Danish producer Sivesgaard is heavily inspired by the synth based, melody-driven sound of the 80's, Sivesgaard has evolved his own sound, which often is difficult to categorize. Often melancholic, always melodic, his songs are created to immerse you and bring out your innermost feelings – as he tells it: “Music needs soul and all emotions; sadness, melancholy, euphoria, happiness and above all - purpose! Never make a song you don't feel - then it becomes artificial, a construct of wrong reasons.”
His latest release "In The Night" has got a really impressive remix treatment by Blond:ish, Viadrina, Hot Since 82, which are some of today's most hottest names on the deep house and house scene.


Climbers - Equal Responsability (Betoko Remix)

Climbers broke onto the seen this summer with their massive hit "Equal Responsibility", a huge track with a sexy, hot summer vibe. Betoko pumps the plucked synth for more deep energy and creates a pop feeling, but all within limits. This track a great structure and inpsiring composition, which could help it become the winter hit.


Toben - I'll Be Good (Trav & Volta's She Will Do For Now Remix)

The new EP "About You EP" from Toben awaits you five bars, two of which are original tapes and three remixes.Remixes have worked The Wize Guys,Trav & Volta and Faktor-X.They have their remixes complete the EP, and raised to a higher level. Each bar is very rhythmical in its own way, and there are plenty of sounds, percussion.