Faze Action - Freak For Your Love EP

Faze Action have never been comfortable with the nu disco tag, and in an age where it's dominated by digitally designed and somewhat pedestrian in its tempo the Lee brothers return with a dynamic live sound that sets them apart. "Freak for Your Love" is the lead track from their forthcoming album Information Overload and straddles a sick dubbed out punk funk groove that brings to mind the sort of incessantly sweat inducing music DFA was releasing in the label's first few years. A pleasant new direction for Faze Action is explored further on the accompanying "New Wave Disco Dub Mix" that delves further into the realm of echo and delay over that strident groove. The mysterious ST holds court on the flip with two rerubs that switch the emphasis up towards a throwback bumping 90s house flex without loosing the original's charm.


David Keno - Heroes (Homework Re-Interpretation)

Homework (Exploited, Made To Play) also chose the oldschool journey with their remix. Another great remix by the Dutch duo that never seem to fail to deliver. And once again the flashback's are coming from the 90s groovy underground house records with a crisp 2012 attitude."

RAC - Hollywood ft. Penguin Prison (The Magician Remix)

Belgian based DJ and producer The Magician continues to make his mark on dance music through his remixes and strong online presence. So when André Anjos (RAC) released his first official single Hollywood featuring Penguin Prison, a remix from The Magician seemed to be the perfect match. The result: a catchy, layered track that stays true to the original version.


Baio - Sunburn Modern

I have previously blogged about Vampire Weekend’s bassist Chris Baio and his track "Tanto feat. Matias Aguayo" The three-track Sunburn EP is out and here is the beautiful "Sunburn Modern" full of tropical vibes!

Walker & Royce - Connected

Part of the Nervous/Nurvous Records NY crew, Walker & Royce (aka Sam Walker and Gavin Royce) having been packing a serious punch with an array of scorching remixes for artists such as SAARID, Kolombo and Ante Perry, 33hz, Publicist, and SPF 5000, as well as a string of club-ready originals. Like a scene out of Mad Men, Sam and Gavin realized their potential music chemistry whilst sipping brandy in the Nervous office. Next thing they knew, they were in the studio together banging out tracks that you can now hear thumping through speakers all over the world. 2012 is set to be a breakthrough year for Sam and Gavin with releases ready to drop on Crosstown Rebels, OFF Recordings, Dither Down Records, Glasgow Underground, and Pets Recordings.

Millok & Zigelli - Feel Me (Mario Basanov Remix)

Newcomers Millok & Zigelli from Montenegro debuts in the Noir Music family with this fine piece of deephouse music. Soothing groove, pads, atmospheres and a vocal that drags you deep into the track and makes you fall in love. This release comes with great remixes by Mario Basanov + Balcazar & Sordo.



It’s strange to think that it was only 2010 that saw the first records from Christopher Manik, aka M A N I K. Since exploding onto the scene with his debut Ovum release he has gone on to develop and strengthen his own sounds & styles. The young New Yorker has confidently and creatively placed his music on a variety of the hottest labels of today, while always managing to maintain his own unique identity. Now he returns to Ovum with an ode to his beloved former studio, ‘Im Nice Like That’, and presents a trio of new cuts, two of which were the very last productions to come out of his musical bunker. “The title track “I Got Us” is sort of a love song trapped inside a sleazier beat,” says Chris, as he also owns up to having provided the vocals on the track. “Amber Knife” comes heavy with its FM bass and 303 action before “Weekend Is 4 Lovers” rounds out the ep. “That was actually the last ever track that i wrote in the studio. I wrote the lyrics and sang on this again too. Its a song about falling for a girl whilst on a weekend away…” A fitting final hurrah for the studio and yet another impressive release from both M A N I K and Ovum recordings.


Bo Saris - She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

Bo Saris releases his first UK single ‘She’s On Fire’ on the 21st May, remixed by one of the biggest names in House music right now, Maya Jane Coles. Reminiscent of classic Motown, ‘She’s On Fire’s’ soulful grooves and slick vocals are manna from heaven for multi-award winner Maya Jane Coles, who drives a beat akin to a rolling steam-train underneath Bo Saris’ sweet, love-sick harmonies. Fans (and there are many) of Coles distinct brand of house music will instantly recognise her hand in the proceedings. ‘She’s On Fire’ is a certified dancefloor weapon, guaranteed to earn a permanent home in the best DJs boxes and soundtrack sunshine moments in bars and on terraces across Europe this Summer.


Drop Out Orchestra - It Will Never Be The Same Again EP

Drop Out Orchestra are back with a brand new single called "It Will Never Be The Same Again". Eskimo Recordings are releasing the track as a full package with remixes from Punks Jump Up and Moullinex.


Angus & Julia Stone - Paper Aeroplanes (Zohdy & Senna's Rework)

Copenhagen based Djs and producers Michael Senna and Peter Zohdy have made a deep and mellow edit of Angus & Julia Stone's track "Paper Aeroplanes"


Burnin Tears - Just The Same (LeSale's Balearic Pump)

Austrian-based producer Sammy Jenkins aka LeSale takes Burnin Tears's 'Just the Same' a step further from the original with his 'Balearic Pump' and beefs up the track with some freshly imported Ibiza air making the track less 'Jack' and more 'Jill'.

Deniz Kurtel & Tanner Ross - I Knew This Would Happen feat. Pillowtalk (Extended Single Edit)

Effortlessly weaving entirely new sub-genres, while daring to convey their fragility, Deniz is once again inventing a fresh sound palette, combining the music with visual art and creating a deeper live experience for the tour entitled ‘Double Exposure’ that will accompany her new LED installation, ‘The Introspectacular’. Mastering a new dexterity across the whole album, Deniz conquers stillness and rich rhythms, once again turning house on its head with an unhurried approach more in line with a hip hop pacing that enriches the sound of tomorrow, bringing attitude back to electronic music. Going beyond the realms of the expected, the striking artistic passion emanating from this petite girl from Turkey beats through every track. With a collaborative approach typical to the Wolf + Lamb label, the artists featured are part of the tight-knit yet loosely woven family collective now termed the Marcy All Stars. Much akin to the Wild Bunch (the early Massive Attack) or Soul II Soul, their visions are explored and shaped through a fluid, dynamic and supportive experience. On the EP’s selected tracks, Deniz, along with hotly tipped producers Tanner Ross, San Francisco’s Pillow Talk and the young Brown university graduates Voices of Black, deliver an array of moods and sounds - from sensually sublime album opener ‘I Knew This Would Happen’ in a special extended version to the jazz infused ‘The Beat Drops’, full of deep atmosphere and heavy bass groove and animated 80s funk of ‘Thunder Clap’.


The KDMS - Kinky Dramas and Magic Stories Album

The KDMS debut album! There is a lot of buzz around London based Kathy Diamond’s and Max Skiba’s band. And if you listen to their debut album you will understand why. A band that connects today’s club music with amazing song writing and the unique voice of great Soul Diva. Pop, underground, forward thinking and retro at the same time. Music that catches you immediately. That’s probably why they became a favorite of some big pop artists of today. For example: Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip. He teamed up with Justus Köhncke from Kompakt and they did a cover version of the new single “Wonderman”. (On the album). Also the rework that Morgan Geist from Metro Area did for a song is so huge that we have put it on the album. Out now on Gomma!

Andre Crom feat. Dennis Degenhardt - Tell Me (David August Remix)

It's been almost three years since the Berlin based producer and Off Recordings label boss Andre Crom (alongside Luca Doobie) last appeared on Freerange with their Attica EP. Well summer is upon us and what better way to return to the label than with an amazing sun-drenched vocal track accompanied by a remix from the hotly tipped Diynamic artist David August.


Flight Facilities - With You feat. Grovesnor EP

Flight Facilities have a brand new single "With You" featuring former Hot Chip player Rob Smoughton aka Grosvenor on vocal. The package is out today and comes with remixes from David August, Danny Daze and the duo MAM (Matt Hughes and Miguel Campbell)

Must Be Love (Rocco Raimundo Edit)

Another load of funk disco bomb are hitting the shelves courtesy of Disco Deviance. This instalment sees our long time homie Rocco Raimundo getting a tip of the cap as well as long running edit makers Get Down Edits and Deep & Disco.


Illvester - Feel Reel (Kon edit)

Hold tight...this is a big one right here! The NYC edit master Kon (from Kon & Amir) have after a bunch hyped reworks on Hands Of Time, BBE and On Track. This time Kon deliver an amazing rework of Sylvester’s classic You Make Me Feel. A +10 min long disco-funk remix that comes together real nice.

Robosonic - Worst Love (Doctor Dru Remix)

Berlin-based Robosonic welcome the springtime with their first OFF EP. "Worst Love" uses an anthemic sample to create a groovy dancefloor burner with tight groove. Doctor Dru delivers a contemporary underground pop remix.


Jamie Jones - Our Time In Liberty Feat. Art Department

"Our Time In Liberty" is a bit of an odd tune. Firstly, Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations boy wonder Jamie Jones‘ symphonic string stabs sound like he might be pulling a fast one on us as he runs up and down the keyboard without a care in the world while the “melody” jumps all over the place. Then, Art Department singer Kenny Glasgow chimes in with an equally off-kilter vocal that’s half hushed tones and half over-the-top yelpy croon. “Our Time” is literally all over the place, with its underlying rhythm the only indicator of it being a dance track. Farther in, the synths get even weirder still, and then all of a sudden everything drops out so that you’ve got a solid breakdown of just drums while the faintest bassline emerges from the depths.


Ennio - Somewhere EP

Ennio is a producer and DJ based in Hamburg. His eclectic taste in music manifests itself well within his DJ sets and productions which maneuver somewhere between house, hip hop, dubstep & bass

Holiday [Late Nite Tuff Guy Muscle Mix]

Late Nite Tuff Guy is back again. This time with a fucky upbeat disco version of "Change - S Lover's Holiday"


In Deep We Trust - Basen (Pool Party Dub Mix)

Last year has brought many changes in Martin Harmony’s life. His project In Deep We Trust, which combines melodic progressive elements with deep grooves, gained a lot of publicity on the international club stage. Cooperation with Spiritchaser (Guess Records ) and Yvel & Tristan (Foundation Records ) brought a few interesting productions, which pulled attention of enthusiasts of the kind. „The Intro” has been placed 1st among Juno's best selling deep house productions. His remixes received great reviews by respected publications, ruling the hit charts- Quarrel "Sunset Is Coming" (In Deep We Trust Rmx) climbed and remained for a few weeks at the top of the ProgressiveHouse.com, similarly it was with remix for the Parasoul formation “Real Addiction”. Productions of In Deep We Trust appeared in many remarkable compilations such as Ibiza Sonica, or stunning Anjunadeep Worldwide series.


Larse - Those Of You

Larse is coming up with a new deep house anthem, in the form of ”Those of You” forthcoming 14th May, as a part of the "Second Chances & New Romances Volume 4" compilation from Noir Music. As you know “The More I want” & “So Long” both were born from that series…

Flight Facilities – With You feat. Grovesnor (Teaser)

Here's a sneak peek of Flight Facilities next single "With You" featuring former Hot Chip player Rob Smoughton aka Grosvenor on vocal. The package is out May 14th and comes with remixes from David August, Danny Daze and the duo MAM (Matt Hughes and Miguel Campbell).


Doctor Dru - The Voice Of Dru

Shir Khan & Exploited reveal the third chapter of their infamous Black Jukebox series; a unique but accessible aesthetic of ‘housing’ up disco edits. The first 2 editions already became heavy collector items with prices rocketing on Discogs. "The Voice Of Dru" should be a familiar one by now, with both Rusty's Dusty Disco and another cat that escapes me both having a go at re-editing its seductive, cosmic-boogie grooves. This particular version sees a big fat house kick drum and synth bass placed under the refrain plus a completely new vocal part (most likely ripped from another tune then collaged over the top - answers on a postcard please!). The catchy vocoder bit ('this is the voice of Q...') is thankfully left in as is the robotic cosmic breakdown. All in all it’s a tasteful but worthy re-imagination of this rare classic.


Spleen United - Dominator (Brynjolfur Percussion Vokal Remix)

Faroese but Copenhagen based DJ and producer Brynjolfur have made a acid inspired remix of the danish electro/rock band Spleen United's first single Dominator.