WHATEVEREST is a documentary about the unlikely inspiration behind a dance tune produced by Todd Terje called "Inspector Norse". "Inspector Norse" is the internet alias of Marius Solem Johansen, a failed musician living in a small town, producing dance videos and drug recipes for YouTube.

WHATEVEREST from Kristoffer Borgli on Vimeo.


Depaack - Gotta get that girl EP

Straight Music new release welcomes the mexican producer Deepack who is DJ, producer and Label Manager of the new label Cream Couture Records. He started his career in the Underground scene in the late 90's and since he has developed a real personal and extremely rich vision of electronic music. With this EP, Depaack offers two strong Deep House anthems that will literally burn the dancefloor thanks to powerful rhythm and happiness spirit. To delight the release, Straight Music asks one of the best 2012 duo to remix the track Eyes On Me. Amine Edge and Dance transcend the original to give us a new version fully embedded with their very own musical touch. To close this release, the Lille-based label inserts a second remix of the great British duo Him_Self_Her. This remix will bewitch the crowd and embark the dancers to an open-minded journey.


Alex Flatner & Msms Ft. Cari Golden – Love Is A Condition EP

Sometimes when people group together.. magic happens. We think that is the case with this “Love Is A Condition” release from Alex Flatner, MSMS (Marcus Schmahl aka Broombeck & Michael Schickert) and Cari Golden. This dark vocal stomper is quite unique. It starts pretty stripped back and then builds into a more intense and captivating journey. Some first reactions has compared the outcome to Depeche Mode with a solid club-stamp on the back. We can hear the resemblance and great compliment to this addictive production. This release also offers a diverse package of remixes. Paolo Rocco uses the vocals more as effect snippets and takes the track 15-20 years back in time to a more underground dub-house feel. Fabio Giannelli makes the track even darker and builds into beautiful and melancholic piano elements that leaves your ears with a totally new impression of the track. Emerson Todd also keeps the ultra dark feel of the original, but makes it more club friendly with quirky pitched down vocals and more drive to the outcome.


Hot Natured - Assimilation

After releasing the huge tune “Benediction” in October, Hot Natured, aka Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C and Ali Love, are offering up the single “Assimilation” for free download. We’ve first heard this nice and deep cut in Jamie Jones’ mix for Fabric mix, way back in 2011. It features vocals from Ali Love and Art Department’s Kenny Glasgow. In related news, Hot Natured have also announced their signing to Pete Tong’s label FFRR / Warners. Their debut album is expected to be released in early summer. Download the track “Assimilation” here http://hotnatured.com/


Claptone - Wrong

German Claptone’s love affair with hiphop continues with "Wrong" on their latest EP on the always tasty German label Exploited. Using Dr.Dre inspiration this one is obviously going straight to number 1 on beatport. The B Side "No Eyes" features the lush vocals from Jaw and oozes slow mo MDMA highs. Out 21st January.

Miguel Puente - Small Proposition EP

Born in Mexico and currently based in Barcelona, Miguel Puente made himself a name with releases on Hot Waves and Art Department's No. 19 Music. For his OFF-debut he presents 2 diverse originals: "Small Proposition" is all about its catchy and bold vocal sample and a massive bassline, a track that will go down very well with pop-loving DJs. "Lil Freakyness" has similar ingredients, but uses them in a sleazier and darker manner, making it the weapon of choice for your next afterhour-set. Mat.Joe deliver their first remix for OFF, turning Small Proposition into a more groove-based affair which builds towards a big central break.

Adana Twins - Reaction ft. Digitaria

JEUDI Records is welcoming the new year with a strong single track EP by our label co-founders Adana Twins featuring the Brazilian duo Digitaria. Meeting Digitaria during their recent Brazil tour was a very fruitful one. There was a big sympathy and a great vibe resulting in this huge deep disco hammer. Danielas subtle vocals with a synthetic flavor floats over a fat bassy synthline. The sweet chord steps bring in the brazilian flavour. Knowing the Adana Twins you can be sure of a big build up happening leaving the crowds in arm raising, screaming happieness.

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side (Rocco Raimundo Extended Edit) (Free Download)

Disco producer Rocco Raimundo is giving away his edit of Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" that was featured residency in Flight Facilities 1972-82 Decade mixtape. Rocco Raimundo adds a lots of extra elements, nice percussion and restructuring the track.


Sintope Digital - Sintope Winter Sampler

Sintope drops another hot release from their catalogue. A 5 track Sampler dedicated to the dance floors with energy, precision and most of all, soul. I have chosen the two best track from the sampler.


Waifs & Strays - I Saw Yo Girl

The Bristol duo Waifs & Stray smash it with "I Saw Yo Girl", an influence of house, acid and 90s hip hop makes the bouncy vocals compliment the massive bassline. A potentially huge club night track, its definitely one to listen out for. Release January 18 on Futureboogie.

Lindstrøm & Todd Terje - Lanzarote

Norwegian space-disco titans Lindstrøm and Todd Terje have teamed up before-- last year, Terje lent a hand mixing Lindstrøm's very solid collection of astral heaven, Smalhans. Today, Terje's own label, Olsen, releases a new single from the pair, the eight-minute epic "Lanzarote", along with the news that the two will tour an "analog-heavy live set" together throughout 2013, which is exciting, to say the least. "Lanzarote" features characteristics familiar to both artists-- Lindstrøm's upward propulsion, Terje's trickly melodic touches-- so the sound is unmistakably them, with the vocal chant at the end even calling back to Lindstrøm's fascinating other album of 2012, Six Cups of Rebel.

Rekreation - Control / Before Me

ReKreation are originally from Manchester (UK) but are now based and in the sparkling house-infused environment of Leeds (UK) and you can easily hear the uk garage inspiration at the root of their sound. Hypnotic grooves and simple vocal hooks leads the way on this housey number. For us it was love from first listen and by now the tracks have grown into our hearts. The remixes comes from Swizz wonderboy Dj Le Roi (Get Physical, Katchuli, 1Trax) who turns Control deep and bouncy with London based Leftwing & Kody (Off Recordings, Alive) giving Before Me a more in your face deep house remix.

Cari Lekebusch, Zoe Xenia - Good Love Sweet Love EP

Martin Eyerer & Rainer Weichhold can't be prouder to release this exceptional cooperation between Dutch deephouse queen Zoe Xenia and Swedish techno don Cari KLekebusch. And guess what, the result is much better than the addition of the two single talents. On one hand it's this proper techfunk roller called 'What You Say" while on the other hand Zoe Xenia shows her vocal skills on the deep techhouse song 'Good Love Sweet Love'. Great remixes from Dirtybird Shadow Child and Animal Trainer (Stil Vor Talent) make this an ideal release to welcome 2013.

So Deaf - Break It Down

UK based So Deaf!'s "Break It Down" is minimal chillistic deep house when it is best..


Smash TV - Steroids To Heaven Made For Eachother (Smash TV Backdoor Dub)

Smash TV aka Holger Zilske and Kai Preussner give us a Dub version of their summer success. Adding a darker atmosphere and toe tap-inducing groove. The percussion is kept light, as everything else sinks in deep. The vocal sounds like a siren and then pulled back into the kick. A mix made for the heavy, early morning sessions the boys are known for.


Ejeca - Krunk EP

Ejeca has never been such a busy boy these past 12 months. The Belfast-born producer has released myriad original productions, countless remixes and DJ'd his way through most European cities. His latest EP arrives on Waze & Odyssey's new Street Tracks imprint and very much continues the producer's love affair with in-your-face, '90s-inspired garage house.

Unfortunately, the EP sets off with a trudge. "Night Rays" offers very little originality, settling for a tired formula of high-pitched vocals, hackneyed piano stabs and predictable bassline bounce. "Riddim," by comparison, feels lively, swapping high-pitched squeaks for an assertive male growl, injecting the track with a dollop of alluring, peak-time bravado. While its piano line is slightly reminiscent of the Inner City classic "Good Life," that's no bad thing. On remix duty, Waze & Odyssey transform "Riddim" into a more subdued, groove-centric affair, toning down the dominance of the piano and upping the intensity of the kick/bass combo. On closer "Never Forget," Ejeca builds sturdy half-step foundations, the twitchy, garage-infused vocals shining alongside the vivifying stabs. Like a lot of great dance floor records, it constantly teases the listener, never quite succumbing to the reveller's thirst for that one, final four-to-the-floor deliverance.

Jamie Jones - Change EP

Jamie Jones launches his new subsidiary label of Hot Creations, HOTTRAX with a three track EP of upfront dance floor business. The label will be dedicated to a more underground dance floor orientated aesthetic, only for the headstrong! This three track features phenomenal Change. Jamie has championed it all summer and as soon as you hear it youll realize why. Its a heady hypnotic brew of oscillator-funk and ghetto-groove, arpeggiating synths bubble hypnotically under the rising ebb and flow of the melody as infectious groove drives you on.. the truth is we are all going through changes! On the flip and Jamie jacks the groove on the Road To The Studio. Incessant chanting and looped vocals are cleverly layered upon each other creating a impending sense of explosive anticipation as the rhythm effortlessly builds to maximum effect. Finally, the irresistibly charming No Rush plays upon retro garage feel while the minor keys serve to create a sense eeriness on the floor. A great closure to a superb three track EP, and what a way to kick off the new label in style. Watch out for HOTTRAX releases in 2013.

Benoit & Sergio - Bridge So Far / $100 BILL

The new EP from the duo Benoit & Sergio coming out on Hot Creations, this is the B-side of the EP as it were, and a mighty fine bass line it has…


Alex Flatner & Lopazz - Freedom Of My Heart (Him Self Her Remix)

Since early 2012, Alex Flatner and LOPAZZ (best known for the quality, avant-garde club music he's released on labels like Get Physical, Cocoon, Pokerflat) have been locked in the studio at every available opportunity creating what will be their debut artist album. Every once in a while an interesting taste of their creative juices emerges, the last being the mighty 'Our Love', which was released on Get Physical at the end of April. Now comes another exciting reason to get cheerful in the form of 'Freedom Of My Heart' on Circle Music.
Him Self Her have a reputation for producing house music with feeling. Few electronic artists have experienced such a meteoric rise into the spotlight as this male/female production duo consisting of Leon Baggotts & Claire Spooner, from the unlikely and not remotely hip, city of Leicester, UK. Their monster hit "Gone Too Long" took the Beatport charts by storm, catapulting them to the front of the pack and it's not hard to hear why here. Their love and respect for the whole history of classic house music gives them a musical palette that marks their remix of 'Freedom Of My Heart' out for immediate attention.

Brynjolfur - I Love You

Faroese but Copenhagen based DJ and producer Brynjolfur usually produce acid house but is now ready with a nu-disco inspired track.