Adam Banks - Undercover EP

Adam Banks is an exciting up and coming DJ and producer from London. He holds residencies in both London and Leeds, and runs an underground House night in London called Hot Mess. This is his forthcoming Undercover EP with remixes by Kreature and Newbie Nerdz. Out soon on Mexican imprint Union Jack Records.


The xx - Swept Away (Kasper Bjørke Re-edit)

Danish producer and Dj Kasper Bjørke made an edit of his favorite track from the newest The xx album Coexist. Nothing added - just re-edited!


Mario Basanov - Damn Girl / Skywalker

Mario Basanov is no stranger to the music community, having garnered Producer of the Year in 2011 in his home country of Lithuania, and one of the biggest underground tracks of 2010 (Mario &Vidis - Changed) - we are proud to announce a 2 track EP from him showing his versatility as a producer. Walker & Royce are on remix duties for Side A, with EPs and Remixes on heavyweight labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Glasgow Underground, Pets Recordings and of course their home base at Nurvous, they raise the bar with this remix.


Bicep - Getcha’ Boi

Another track from the first release on Bicep's own label - Feel My Bicep records! They are keeping it old school with diva vocals, a nasty M1 sax and some low slung chords to get yo' bumpin!


Nolan - Go Slow EP feat. Amber Jolene Incl. Finnebassen & Miguel Puente Remixes

After a string of dancefloor bombs OFF presents a new side of the label.
Nolan's "Go Slow" with the amazing and soulful vocals of Amber Jolene is a perfect soundtrack to say farewell to the summer.
Miguel Puente delivers a more upbeat remix which should do well for lovers of contemporary dancefloor sounds, while Finnebassen uses his amazing sounddesign skills for a cinematic interpretation.

DIKSO 011 - V/A - Super Sound Single Volume 8

Dikso is back after the summer break with some new stuff for lovers and beloved. They were a hairbreadth away from their first strictly German Super Sound Single but they couldn’t resist to sign Shur-i-kan’s slowmo romeo called “In Love”. Also in Love…: Larse from Dortmund, This time he is hitting us up with his new boogie funk monster “Tonite”. Daniel from the Dikso headquarter in Berlin and Satin Jackets from Essen who completes the hat-trick with his third achievement on Dikso.


Social Disco Club - Just One Touch (The Mekanism Remix)

Just One Touch has been a long time coming but it emerges as a classic ode to house past and present. Porto based producer Social Disco Club was sat on the track for two years before Miss Bee added her dusky vocals. Frayed and taught with emotion, her voice works in harmony with the gritty analogue sounds that drive the track.

Where the original demands attention, the instrumental version shows a more subtle route to the floor. Tucked away on the b2, the absence of the full vocal allows the weighty drums and Detroit influences to come to the fore. With space to breathe the elements of the track begin to shine; restrained pads become expansive and the gurgling bass line rises to the fore.

On remix duty are Parisian duo The Mekanism and Melbourne’s man of the moment Francis Inferno Orchestra. The French pair weigh in with an upfront interpretation, working in some modern bounce to the feel good 90s vibe of the original.

Where The Mekanism straighten out Just One Touch to create a smooth, effective DJ tool, Francis Inferno shakes things up, adding an element of chaos with his Piano Jam remix. Unhinged keys frequently break through spacey atmospherics, falling away to place emphasis on drums that beat assertively between house and techno.

Under The Shade confidently cover all the bases here, with a standout original and reworkings from a pair of fast-rising young production outfits able to deconstruct the influences poured into their sources.

Chairlift - I Belong In Your Arms (John Talabot & Pional 6.15 AMix)

John Talabot teamed up once again with fellow Spanish producer Pional to deliver an amazing and dreamlike remix of Chairlift’s beautiful single "I Belong In Your Arms". The 12″ is available for pre-order from Young Turks right now and then digitally on iTunes October 14th.

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony (Sommerstad Mix)

House of Disco Records give us this little exclusive gift to celebrate 6,000 followers on soundcloud. As they say, this remix from Sommerstad of The Beloved's seminal tune is just to good not to let loose. The other exclusive tracks and other treasures on the mailing list can be found here


Thomass Jackson - Silver Beat (Julian Sanza Remix)

Following the success of Space is King EP at the end of 2011, Thomass get's remixed by in-house producers Julian Sanza and Phunktastike, also guest re mixers, Chilean Dany Dorado and Things Happend from Italy


Maxxi Soundsystem – Regrets We Have No Use For

This is a future release by Brighton based Maxxi Soundsystem called Regrets We Have No Use For (feat. Name One) forthcoming 21st September on Hypercolour.


Robosonic - Over The Edge EP

While Robosonic's extraordinary OFF debut "Worst Love" was paying homage to a specific underground rap record by the Dilated Peoples (actually without sampling the record itself), the follow-up now takes it way over the edge: consciously, of sound mind. Since their early vinyl bootlegs (2005) under various aliases and their critically acclaimed first album as Robosonic (2007), Cord and Sacha incorporate a certain sense of irony into their undisputed world class production work. For their next episode on OFF, the boys cut slices of hiphop sample history and flipped them into seriously soulful house music joints. Functional arrangements with plenty of musical references to golden eras and past times create the emotional depth of Robosonic's modern „hi-tech soul".
"Over" with its intimate feel seems less obvious than the famous hookline of "The Edge". In fact Dr. Dre was not the first beatmaker to cook it up, so Robosonic probably aren't the last either. They just do what they like doing best. Funnily enough our praised creators anticipate critics and let Talib do the talking: „These cats ain't real."

Fabo feat. Lostcause - Where I Stand (Karmon Remix)

Dutch house talent Karmon drops a remix of Fabo's "Where I Stand". Complementing Lostcause’s somber yet inherently captivating with deep emotive charm throughout, his melodically refined spectacle of deep House grooves and scattered key work is as contagious as it is a refreshing escape from the peak time overhaul that has ensued throughout the year.


Bicep - Vision Of Love

After five years of running the highly popular and eclectic music blog "Feel My Bicep", releasing a string of productions and remixes while also DJing consistently all around the world, setting up a label seemed like the next logical step for Bicep. With the aim of releasing fun and varied music, the only condition the boys gave themselves was to maintain full creative control to take the the label in whichever direction they desired.
Their first release follows on a similar vein to previous chart-topping single $tripper, deeply inspired by their love of the early US house scene but with a modern twist…
"Vision Of Love" is a cheeky 90's piano house track and will be released on limited vinyl only on the 24. september

Candi Staton - Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal)

Candi Staton has legacy beyond compare. Responsible for some of the most memorable and best loved soul records of all time, Staton has a voice that is currently captivating a new generation of music lovers just as it did when she first oooed and ahhed onto the music scene as a soul siren in the '70s. Staton's latest single is "Hallelujah Anyway"; a timeless, feel-good soul record typical of Staton's overwhelmingly positive musical message, now released with remixes from Director's Cut and Larse. Under their Director's Cut guise, Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper deliver two versions that pair Staton's inimitable vocal with Knuckle's legendary house chords with stunningly effective results. Larse meanwhile goes deep with a club-ready cut that demonstrates the versatility of Staton's vocal, sitting proudly over a beautifully melancholic piece of production....and is already becoming one of the vocal records of the summer 2012 season.

Another brilliant from Larse..


Nhan Solo - Friends & Lets Do It EP

Nhan Solo's "Friends & Lets do it" EP will be released on Nurvous Records NYC on the 18th, September. The flipside includes two remixes of his all time favorite producers Kiki (Bpitch Control / Mobilee Records) and Lazaro Casanova (Culprit / petFood). Here is a mix of all 3 versions!

Walls - Gaberdine (Gerd Janson & Prins Thomas Remix)

"Walls' timeless "Gaberdine" from their first album gets the full disco treatment by floor maestros Gerd Janson and Prins Thomas." Comes with Walls' own alternative edit on the flip side.


Cocolores - Heart Quest

Cocolores comprises Jason Heath and Manuel Garay, two talented youngsters from Munich. As Berlin Label Exploited's latest signing, they combine good looks & style, not to mention talent. Already getting love from Maja Jane Coles, Luciano, Joakim, Ewan Pearson, Trickski and many more, their debut EP "Heart Quest" is a blend of 90′s house, with a delectable tinge of urban funkiness. Mystical, light & soulful, this mix will definitely be the top choice for your next house party.


Tomas Barfod - Till We Die EP

Since the late 90's Tomas Barfod has been on the lips of the techno, house and club scene. As a man of many talents, he has earned the respect of artists, labels and fans alike. His latest album, 'Salton Sea' (released via Friends Of Friends) featured 'Till We Die feat. Nina Kinert', we sent it out to our friends and got some amazing remixes back! Nina's vocals haunt like ghosts in a machine, wrapped up with great bass lines and quirky percussion. Arps set an atmosphere of airy mist, while the beat picks up and moves us. This is the original mix, as heard on 'Salton Sea'. LOPAZZ and Forever Jung (aka Philipp Jung of M.A.N.D.Y.) work together to bring you their vision of 'Till We Die'. The percussion relies on a hefty kick pumping the track along, while a dirty bassline bumbles through the set of bells and woodblocks. An innovative approach to an already stellar track. We've got more from the fair-haired duo Blond:ish for you. Keeping true to their reputation for deep basslines and heavy atmospheres, the girls deliver excellence. Playing with the sounds, the girls create a cool burner that will set the dancefloor on fire. Andycap takes the cold atmosphere of the original and strips it down to the bones to open his remix, then laying the groove on thick as he drops the beat. This is your afterhour, home-listening or midset chilled killer; a perfect conclusion to this amazing release.