Doctor Dru - The Voice Of Dru

Shir Khan & Exploited reveal the third chapter of their infamous Black Jukebox series; a unique but accessible aesthetic of ‘housing’ up disco edits. The first 2 editions already became heavy collector items with prices rocketing on Discogs. "The Voice Of Dru" should be a familiar one by now, with both Rusty's Dusty Disco and another cat that escapes me both having a go at re-editing its seductive, cosmic-boogie grooves. This particular version sees a big fat house kick drum and synth bass placed under the refrain plus a completely new vocal part (most likely ripped from another tune then collaged over the top - answers on a postcard please!). The catchy vocoder bit ('this is the voice of Q...') is thankfully left in as is the robotic cosmic breakdown. All in all it’s a tasteful but worthy re-imagination of this rare classic.

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