Jerome Derradji - Whachadoin?

In the five years Still Music's offshoot Stilove4music has been going, it's maintained a level of quality matched by few other labels operating in the edit realm, with some stellar contributions a real variety of producers - Rick Wilhite to Justus Kohncke, Trus'me to Rahaan. Label boss Jerome Derradji has been responsible for some of the finest drops too, and his fourth clutch of Stilove4Music vinyl heat is superb. "Disconnect" brilliantly twists the insides of a disco jam outwards, with Derradji realigning the elements to a constantly bumping house refrain that acid house one moment and delay heavy disco the next. Alongside this, "Whachadoin?" bends a funked out bass guitar riff to breaking point over a rigid drum beat before teasing out the harmonic elements in a manner that will sound great on a large system. On the flip, Derradji lays out some 5am warehouse party is getting deep shit in shape of "Adaptive Control" an original track that cakes the rippling acid groove in all manner of tape dust.

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