Luminodisco - Ragazzini / Diavolo Di Un Disco

The deep-disco fucked'up hands in the air vibes of "Ragazzini" and that crazy acid rhumba bongo track (accordingly to Prins Thomas) called "Diavolo Di Un Disco" makes this 12" another Hell Yeah rec little classic in the making and give Luminodisco the status of producer to watch if you are looking for different honest electronic party music this year.
Luminodisco equals disco made in Italy. Firmly linked to DWDK (Danny Was A Drag King) by Ajello, the latest offshoot of the ever-blinding Hell Yeah label, it’s the moniker of Federico Costantini: a resident of the Exe-cute parties, an eclectic artist with southern Italian blood and a Roman soul. His story goes like almost every nice club music fairytale. After bothering his neighbors with post-rock, Costantini was then struck by Kraftwerk, put his guitar back in the closet and began to play around with synthesizers and a vocoder. If his releases Questo Amore Splendido and Balerama are anything to go by, all that's left to do now is sit comfortably and wait for what seems to be one of the hottest artists on the Italian mirror ball scene, present and future.

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