Martin Brodin - Cash Money

Martin Brodin needs little introduction as his quirky blend of beautifully produced beats and label 'MB Disco' have been making rather large waves within the Nu-Disco community for quite some time.
Martin Brodin is mainly known for his organic Disco productions but Cash Money is far more electronic in sound, with a full-bodied analog bassline and vocoder vox helping drive this epic track. It's not all Kraftwerk though, as Brodin sprinkles his trademark Disco-agogo cowbells creating a warm organic sheen.
For those that want less vocoder, we have some Extra Cash Money, a dub version that strips that track back to a sparser groove, and on remix duty we have Mullets' very own Casio Social Club, who go all-out acidic bleepy Disco with feel-good poly chords to boot...

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