JEUDI's Friends EP Volume II

Every successful story has it's sequel . After the overwhelming great response to Volume One JEUDI Records is introducing new and already well known friends to the next chapter.The story is to be continued by Denis Yashin, Tapesh & Dayne S, Bunte Bummler and CamelPhat.Four well choosen tracks.
A1: "Right Now" is a driving primetime sureshot. A perfect club arrangement with huge build ups and forward facing excitement.
A2: "Of Moons &" imaging a piano player in a hotel lounge joined by a powerful drummer turninghis tune into a solid deep house track. Add a lascivious female whisper fading in a rooted dark melodic voice and you listen to this addictive piece called Of Moons &.
B1: "So Far" is bringing back the smell of summer. That's how you start your night with great spirit of optimism. Put this tune on and pictures of an open air dancing good vibed crowd comes to your mind.
B2:"Beautiful Laziness": Denis has already found the perfect title for his piece. Calm down, catcha breath and enjoy.

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