Mollono.Bass, Ava Asante - Traumtaenzer (Gorge Remix)

What happens if the low-pressure system Mollono.Bass meets an atmospheric high-pressure system named AVA Asante? It's the perfect storm of dance floor bliss! This spectacle of nature could be witnessed at the one or the other open air party during the last summer where it set the crowds into a dreamlike state of euphoria... Using his unmistakable organic groove, Acker Records bigwig Mollono.Bass lays the rhythmic foundations of Traumtanzer. Upon it, Ghanaian beauty AVA Asante plays her violin, building and building, getting ever more intricate and elegant, creating a fantastic crystal palace of sound. The perfect playground for Rene Bourgeois, who jumps up and down its bright corridors and halls, making the ground shake with his lively rhythms. Gorge sheds a warm summer sun upon this palace of sound: The subtle, ever growing build-up of his progressive housey version eventually erupts into rolling bass pressure and catchy chord sounds. Finally the Stereo Express remix departs towards dreamy, minimalist soundscapes, every now and then hit by a refreshing shower of metallic hi-hats.

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