Depaack - Gotta get that girl EP

Straight Music new release welcomes the mexican producer Deepack who is DJ, producer and Label Manager of the new label Cream Couture Records. He started his career in the Underground scene in the late 90's and since he has developed a real personal and extremely rich vision of electronic music. With this EP, Depaack offers two strong Deep House anthems that will literally burn the dancefloor thanks to powerful rhythm and happiness spirit. To delight the release, Straight Music asks one of the best 2012 duo to remix the track Eyes On Me. Amine Edge and Dance transcend the original to give us a new version fully embedded with their very own musical touch. To close this release, the Lille-based label inserts a second remix of the great British duo Him_Self_Her. This remix will bewitch the crowd and embark the dancers to an open-minded journey.

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