Ejeca - Krunk EP

Ejeca has never been such a busy boy these past 12 months. The Belfast-born producer has released myriad original productions, countless remixes and DJ'd his way through most European cities. His latest EP arrives on Waze & Odyssey's new Street Tracks imprint and very much continues the producer's love affair with in-your-face, '90s-inspired garage house.

Unfortunately, the EP sets off with a trudge. "Night Rays" offers very little originality, settling for a tired formula of high-pitched vocals, hackneyed piano stabs and predictable bassline bounce. "Riddim," by comparison, feels lively, swapping high-pitched squeaks for an assertive male growl, injecting the track with a dollop of alluring, peak-time bravado. While its piano line is slightly reminiscent of the Inner City classic "Good Life," that's no bad thing. On remix duty, Waze & Odyssey transform "Riddim" into a more subdued, groove-centric affair, toning down the dominance of the piano and upping the intensity of the kick/bass combo. On closer "Never Forget," Ejeca builds sturdy half-step foundations, the twitchy, garage-infused vocals shining alongside the vivifying stabs. Like a lot of great dance floor records, it constantly teases the listener, never quite succumbing to the reveller's thirst for that one, final four-to-the-floor deliverance.

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