Damon Martin - Wintermute EP

Disco Bloodbath Recordings' first release of 2013 sees the return of label boss Damon Martin with the vinyl only Wintermute EP.
Lead track, "Feel It", is a club pumper with shades of early Chicago and Detroit. Raw drums, energetic synths and an insistent vocal sample all contribute to the feeling that this wouldn't sound out of place on The Scene or The New Dance Show. On the flip the EP's title track has a more introspective feel. Percussive TR-909 drums contrast with swirling harmonies conjuring up images of desolate landscapes. The release is rounded off by a remix from Sean Johnston, aka Hardway Bros, who turns in an acidic drug-chugger very much in keeping with the sound he has been pushing alongside Andrew Weatherall at their A Love From Outer Space club-night.

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