Arthur Oskan - Adrift

The My Favorite Robot Records team continue their groundwork for 2013 with a superb EP from the highly respected Arthur Oskan featuring three tracks of pulsing electronicexcellence...

Toronto producer Arthur Oskan has been part of the city's electronic music landscape since the Nineties, forging a place for himself with his evolving signature sound, a hybrid of synth-pop, Detroit techno and industrial rock. Releases on celebrated labels such as Thoughless music, Trapez and Ghostly International have brought him considerable attention whilst bookings at high profile festival in North America and Europe have brought his own out of the studio, direct to the masses. The 'Chromantic EP' is Oskan's debut release for the My Favorite Robot Records and features three superb slice of electronic music that veer away from genre classification.

The Epic track "Adrift" that spreads its uplifting and hypnotic electronic flavours over eleven and a half blissfull minutes. The 'Chromantic EP' is an accomplished and engaging EP from a producer of considerable talent who will hopefully be contributing further to My Favorite Robot Records, enjoy.

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