PillowTalk - Far from heaven EP & Video

When it comes to making love PillowTalk can definitely teach you a thing or two based on their latest sleazy release on Wolf + Lamb. The Far From Heaven EP is pretty much sex music.
Far From Heaven is a four track EP which, on two tracks, goes deeper into song based r&b than have the trio before, but which also gets a little more energised and dancefloor aligned for the other two. An accomplished and underlying musicality, though, is never far away..


1. Heavens Gate
2. Weekend Girl
3. Far From Home
4. Street Walker

"Heavens Gate" is a delicate disco lullaby where claps, gentle chords and one finger notes all drift around each other as a breathy vocal hangs in the air. It’s rinsed with an 80s innocence and comes across with a heartfelt but tongue-in-cheek cool.

"Weekend Girl" is a steamy R&B charmer which snakes its way under your skin with wet, echoing claps, tinkling melodies and a seductive 90s male vocal (which turns to coy, softly spoken rap) all coalescing into the creamiest of creamy slo-jams which its impossible not to love, frankly.

"Far From Home" is a gaunt house jam with eerie synth work, purposeful male vocal and subtle but effective pop-house baseline.

"Street Walker" is a steady Roland beat stripped to its core with a magnetic vocal performance to fill the void and pull you in while a horn-like bassline burping out over and over as hi-hats and claps grow ever louder in the background.

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