Tiefschwarz feat. Mama - Corporate Butcher (Solomun Remix)

Tiefschwarz. Their sharp ears have hunted down vocals from Nigeran singer, Mama, who has along with the brothers, cooked up the sexy House number ‘Corporate Butcher’, exclusively for the boys’ Watergate 09 mix CD. Mama’s lyrics clearly address the financial sysem that is plaguing the whole world by known, by shedding light on who exactly has created the problem. Her lyrics express the frustration, but contort them into fuel for the weekend events that helo us to forget our troubles. The Schwarz brothers, alongside Santé, have layered sleek House beats over a club-rumbling bass that mesh effortlessly with Mama’s sultry voice and politically charged vocals. Dynamics founder Solomun puts this track in porno territory that is sure to get the handbags and the hard bodies bee-lining to the dance floor.

Tiefschwarz feat. Mama - Corporate Butcher (Solomun Remix) by WatergateRecords

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