Lou Teti - Shake EP

Brooklyn-based producer Lou Teti is back again with his fourth release “Shake” another release on his very own Tigers On A Leash label. He’s spent lots of time on Shake and is billing it as a sort of a cosmic groover that has a slow build layered with vocals, guitar, bass & synths. It comes with remixes by Toby Tobias, Drop Out Orchestra and JKriv. The Drop Out Orchestra remix is pretty much a bootleg of Primal Scream - Loaded. Available January 30th on Junodownload.


1. Lou Teti - Shake (Original)
2. Lou Teti - Shake (instrumental)
3. Lou Teti - Shake (Drop Out Orchestra remix)
4. Lou Teti - Shake (Toby Tobias mix)
5. Lou Teti - Shake (Toby Tobias instrumental)
6. Lou Teti - Shake (JKriv mix)

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