Zola Jesus - In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)

Los Angeles based Zola Jesus aka. Nika Roza Danilova had a banner 2011 with the success of her album, "Conatus," which landed on many tastemakers' year-end lists and set the stage for a potential breakout in 2012. And four days into the year, Zola Jesus has received an impressive co-sign with the release of a David Lynch remix of her song "In Your Nature."
Zola Jesus has never been a huge fan of remixes in general. But when the legendary filmmaker David Lynch bites on the hook you must strike.
The original version of the song features tense strings and a rumbling bass, and floats along on the back of Zola's increasingly confident voice. David Lynch strips away nearly everything the double-time rhythms, the synthetic hand claps, the vast arrangement and replaces it with a simpler structure, one that leaves her voice front and center and augments it with a moody guitar strum.

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