MAM – Modern Heat EP

MAM is a name you may have heard over the past 12 months, and if you haven’t, you will do. Miguel Campbell and Matt Hughes have been behind some of the most influential underground disco tracks of the past two years, released a number one album through their Outcross Records imprint and recently signed to Wolf & Lamb’s Black’ with the huge ‘Bedroom Dancer’. 2010 also saw Miguel Campbell join Jamie Jones’s ‘Hot Creations’ crew, dropping some huge Beatport hits, "Baby I Got it" and "Something Special". Modern Heat EP is out on FINA records on the 30th January.

Title Track 'Modern Heat' rolls out the up-tempo baseline with claps and hats punching the track along the lines while

"Crushed Ice" is a cool disco-house slice of funk, taking influence from our Franco friends across the channel giving the nod to the early Crydamoure Productions of yesteryear...slow, sly and groovy.

"Sunset Funk" does exactly what it says on the tin. A euphoric disco number that makes you forget about the cold and think of those lazy summers.

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