Detroit Swindle - Creep EP

The swindlers from Detroit, aka Lars Dales and Marteen Smeets has just released their Creep EP on Freerange Records. Having release on some of the most fabulous labels in the world – Saints and Sonnets, Berlin’s Dirt Crew and the lovely Stuart Geddes’ Murmur, this Dutch duo have been making serious underground waves. This latest EP on Freerange is another display of their charismatic ability to warp and twist tired sounding notions into something you actually want to dance to. The lead track "Creep" is a stripped back, muscular exploration of good energetic bass and sharp drums. "I Gotta Know" has an edgy little disjointed vocal sample, that almost sounds on a garage vibe, with a happy up tempo momentum. One of the highlights of the EP has got to be "Brotherman", some fresh Chicago house with a deep sexy male vocal, a filthy subbass and hollow rim taps. It’s old school dark house grooves updated for the modern age. Wolf music’s KRL has also done a wicked remix of "Brotherman" adding a lick of slick disco boogie edge. Detroit Swindle have always excelled at producing Motown esq modern deep techno and house, this release is no exception.

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