Finnebassen and Gundelach - Footsteps EP

The mighty Finnebassen drops his next release on 5th December via Supernature. It’s a 4 track release, two originals. The lead track which is getting a lot of attention at the moment.

"Footsteps" is an altogether different beast. The melancholic core is coupled with jazzy overtones and slow ravishing drums. This track wasn't planned for a release but the boys were so enamored with it, they couldn't let it let go. The radio edit is set to rock stations across the globe.

Adriatique (Diynamic) brings the track to dance floor heights with their smart interpretation of "Footsteps". You are immediately immersed into the track by the strong wavelike kicks. This remix may cause paralysis of the mind so use extreme caution while operating heavy machinery ... alcohol may intensify this effect!

"You Will Never Sleep" shows Finn's trademark knack for strong vocals and catchy melodies once again!

A strong remix of "You Will Never Sleep" is backed up by the superlative Jay Shepeard (Retrofit). Surely this is the reason we are loosing sleep; bouncy cascading melodies make you hover over reality. Another unexpected turn for Supernature! Prepare to be waterboarded by epic beats because this four tracker just won't quit.

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