Aeroplane – In Her Eyes (Tiger & Woods Remix)

"In Her Eyes" is the first release of Vito De Luca's aka. Aeroplane's label, AEROPOP. It is also the first original Aeroplane material since 'Save Me Now' and the In-Flight Entertainment compilation.
Aeropop will be mainly dedicated to Vito's side projects and collaborations with different artists under numerous aliases, leaving him some space to play around with different genres and sounds. But to celebrate the launch of the label, Vito decided to make the first Aeropop release an Aeroplane one.
'In Her Eyes' features Chicago House legend Jamie Principle on the vocals. Vito met Jamie on New Year's Eve 2011 in Sydney and they instantly got along. The idea to make a record together came about 4 seconds into the conversation, and from what we've heard it won't be a one shot.
The original is an 80's fueled 'DMX' funk song, with Jamie's vocal giving that extra real-ness and depth, including old-school spoken word and all. We are instantly back in Chicago when Jamie screams 'Don't Go !' in the bridge like sheÕs never coming back, leading into a classic Aeroplane euphoric breakdown and a butt-shaking song-end.
The remix package is reflective of Vito's latest influences as heard in his now famous not-so-monthly Soundcloud mixes. He chose all the remixers himself.
First one is from Italian anonymous-ish act Tiger & Woods who deliver a bass-rolling mix that has a 'Da Funk' feel, making best use of all the parts and chopping them insanely a la Tiger & Woods . Road testing proved this one to be a real big track.
Chopstick & Johnjon from SUOL Recordings also joined the cast, with an amazing deep house take on the track. This one is definitely for the late sweaty and sexy club nights.

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