Guy Gerber, Clarian - Claire

Steadily mining gold in an ever-evolving electronic landscape, the Visionquest imprint gets set to unleash an incredibly special 6-track EP from Clarian - one half of the supreme duo Footprintz. Collaborating with the always-innovative Guy Gerber on the opener, Clarian voyages solo throughout the rest of the EP a collective of Chemical Gardens for a sonically re-imagined Blade Runner kingdom. Beach Boys oohs on top of Camino 808 lines with Morriconne style piano licks over a zombie meets deep house track - the Chemical Gardens EP is a patchwork of cross-genres and moods. The A-side covers ethereal sunrise magic and cosmic oddities opening with Claire featuring Guy Gerber - an emotive beauty in which dubby beats dissolve into a motif of synth stabs, sweet electronic melodies and rising waves of filtered vox.

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