Velour - Speedway

Velour, Julio Bashmore's hook-up with fellow Bristol producer Hyetal, returns with two moreish space-funk expeditions. While most of us were sleeping off Christmas dinner, Velour played Santa on December 25th, releasing "Speedway" into the digital ether. Now, with the addition of "Dial," the duo gives a full release to their first new material since 2010's The Velvet Collection.
"Speedway" shows some of the signifiers that have highlighted Hyetal's work, particularly the '80s electro snares. It's a bit of Cameo here, a bit of Jan Hammer there, brought up to date with crushing, echo-laden bass synths and quirky touches like turntable stops and a heavily treated ragga sample. On "Dial" there's the booming bassline/kick combo that's become Bashmore's trademark. Slowed to near hip-hop pace, the two producers add helicoptering synths and off-kilter claps.

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