Ost & Kjex - Lulu

It's been three years now since the foodboys released their last recording, the critically acclaimed album 'Cajun Lunch'. Three years is a long time for en electronic act to stay silent, (but three years is not a long time when you consider what has been going on in the Ost&Kjex camp.) The release was followed by extensive touring (leaving Kjex with a few extra gray hairs, Ost with hardly none left). The birth of two new babies adding the joint families to eight. Moving to suburbia. Building new studios. Slowly but surely working on a new album. Dark clouds descending on Europe. Economic crisis and what not! The frantic times has definitely put a mark on their music as the Lulu EP shows a more somber duo than we know from Cajun Lunch. "Lulu" is a classic moody house bomb with a monster of synth riff riding on into the sunset. Vocals urging you to hold on!

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