Lauer - Trainmann (Tensnake Franceman Mix)

Time to re-blog... Marco 'Tensnake' Niemerski is infuriatingly talented. Here, he shows off his capabilities with two vastly different remixes of Philip Lauer's "Trainman". First up is the "Franceman" mix, a sprightly, funk-fuelled disco-house take propelled by an insatiably infectious live bassline. It is, of course, tops. Next he attempts to reinvent trance (yes, trance) via the "Tranceman" mix - seven minutes of rush-inducing Balearic trance at a house tempo. It's actually excellent, coming on like a trance-inspired version of a classic Bobby Konders production (with, of course, Niemerski's cherished synth-xylophone riffs atop).

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