Martin Brodin - Strings Attack

Second single from the forthcoming album of Martin Brodin. Mixes from Headman and Ilya Santana. Martin Brodin’s second single from the forthcoming album which is due for June 2012. It follows the successful Badabing which featured diskJokke as remixer. Strings Attack is all about the strings for disco. Ok, now you may think he gone all cheesy here, but that’s totally wrong. It still have the funkyness and groove it needs to be a full-fledged disco anthem in our ears. And we invited two of the most prolific producers out there to make this a rock solid release. Switzerland’s finest, Headman (Robi Insinna), who we all know from his own Relish label and releases on Gomma. He turn the original to an uber-cool bass-laden track and makes it a bit more “in-your-face” to speak, while the original is a bit more freestyle. Second out is Spanish born Ilya Santana with his funky mellow take. It’s a perfect remix for those beach parties we all love. Ilya is one of the most respected ones in the scene with releases and remixes for label such as Nang and Eskimo.

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