Terranova - Question Mark feat. Tomas Høffding (KiNK Mix)

Like no other project originating from that stylistic jungle that became known as the Nineties, Terranova has shown a strong focus besides genre definitions, with studio members Fetisch and &ME being true wanderers between worlds and times, holding 2012's dance floor in a tight choke. There's certainly a bassdrum beating in their chests, and even the elegic strings from "Question Mark", that beautifully sung intro to Terranova's latest album "Hotel Amour", can barely hide a core made out of pure sweat and beats. The remixers assigned to "Question Mark" saw that too, and that's why they don't try to reinvent the wheel but keep it rolling: KiNK adorns his rework with the massive, yet elegant boldness he's become known for, and one has a hard time imagining the "Tiger from Sofia" sitting calmy in a chair while producing. Running around town with a big red "K" on his t-shirt, we're convinced that KiNK is in fact a secret super hero saving crowds from desperation and ye olde rave from heavv traffic. He doesn't just produce, he kicks the ball out of the park on a regular basis. That's also where we meet Adam Port, noted for his unique take on raw hypnotic house and label fellow to &ME over at Berlin's infamous Keinemusik outfit. Just as KiNK, Adam didn't want to do without the original's bittersweet vocals courtesy of WhoMadeWho's Tomas Høffding, and - knowing his way around the house pretty damn well - wraps them in percussive bliss sure to have many an adventurer getting completely lost in sound. Welcome to the Bermuda triangle.

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