Chamboche - Smoke Screen EP

London based Welshman Chamboche returns to the label that launched him with the Smoke Screen EP. His unquantifiable sound swerves genre classification, hovering around house but with enough musicality to please the hardened disco head. Swirling pads and a bubbling bass line set down the groove, while keys fall around horns and vocals to make the lead track a refined, uplifting work out. Slowly unfolding, the track is hypnotic and absorbing, showcasing the style of a producer as able to work the mind as the hips. Bicep toughen up the drums and work the arpeggio, stripping down the track and bringing the Chicago influence higher in the mix. While the original subtly unfolds, their remix demands attention from the outset, building to a climax then recoiling for another bite at the cherry. Thinking big, KRL ramps up the intensity with a bright, kinetic reworking. Aimed squarely at the peak time, he harnesses all of Smoke Screen's most propulsive elements to really work the floor. Tucked away on the B side is the expansive Mind Your Mind. Trademark Chamboche percussion is woven around a blissful riff, swelling majestically to round off the EP in slo(w) burning euphoria.

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