Ernesto vs Mario & Vidis - Care

Special tracks have a special story behind them. And this one certainly does. After Mario & Vidis recorded a couple of tracks with Ernesto for their debut album Changed they invited him to perform in their home country. During his short stay in Lithuania Ernesto performed two times and both times closed his set with a track called Care. It was kind of a mash-up - Swedish singer & songwriter was using lyrics of his old song to sing over Metro Area's classic Caught Up to a big effect - leaving the packed dance floors to a sing along to lyrical hook of 'sisters and brothers, smokers and lovers, care for me' every time. Big fan of Metro Area's sound Vidis offered him to do a reversion of this mash-up using Caught Up as a reference and inspiration. The vocals were re-recorded, new arrangement was done, and the song was tested in the clubs as well as live on stage. So here it is - another big tune from the three to sing and dance along

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