Mercury - Old Man’s House EP

New Mercury out now. The “Swiss House Mafia” – that’s how they call the boys from Mercury and their friends Round Table Knights. Here comes the fourth Mercury EP. Much deeper than the last singles. Think Paris Filter House 1998 meets a gospel singer and a percussion band… but better than thinking is.. The Old man's House EP contains three original tracks and a remix of the title track by (Cocoon, Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical). The A-track «Old Man's House» is a highly effective, minimalistic stomper, enhanced by Southern Gospel. While still being very dancy, Dawson's version is cooler, adds more depth and gives the original a touch of disco. «Rio» is a genuine summer anthem combining an atmosphere of Brazilian joie de vivre with a drifty four-to-the-flour pump. Last but not least, «Lost in Ibiza», a deep, trippy track – featuring the singing (or let's say moaning) of Mercury's Simon – that takes one back to 90's Ibiza

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