Peter & The Magician - Memory

Peter & The Magician are back in the game with their second EP “Memory” out July 9th on Kitsuné!
The unpredictable duo Peter & The Magician are composed of the brilliant producer Yuksek and talented Belgian producer The Magician!
They’ve always kept in mind a common desire to mix their styles and influences in order to create something new and unheard. Their first EP “Twist” out last June on Kitsuné was already a huge success and caused quite a stir all around the world! Their forthcoming single “Memory” is a dancefloor stomper and proves one more time that they share many influences and a mutual love for italo disco and electro beats. The package also contains three exclusive remixes by the colourful Le Crayon, the mysterious NSFW and the funky Pointdexter.

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