Nitetime - Jive Talk EP

Nitetime is the new production duo from Boston, USA comprised of Kon (from Kon & Amir) and Whisky Baron which was first sent to us by fellow Bostonians - Soul Clap. Nitetime’s debut EP Jive Talk sits between OG boom bap hip hop - with its tough drums and grooved up interludes - and the 4/4 rhythms of classic house and disco. It also comes packed with a little more history than meets the eye…

Who better to describe the tracks and history than Kon himself?

"All the People" is a classic throwback to 88-92 era of house, lots of 909s and what not, "Teddys Jam " is sort of a deeper, slower late night track, dark and moody with banging drums and "Jive Talk" is a crazy sounding synth riff, George Duke-ish block party vibe… congas and stuff going on.

Then the interludes in between kinda tie the tunes together. I feel thats missing from EP's and full lengths... and I've never heard it done on dance records. De la Soul and Pete Rock would have these amazing little beats, and its just bringing it back."

On the digital EP you can pick up Soul Clap’s extra laidback remix of Hey! which was specially mixed by Lee Curtis of Spectral Sound / Get Physical fame. This also marks Soul Clap’s second remix on Future Classic - hopefully you’ve checked out their chunky drum remix of Mario & Vidis euro anthem ‘Changed’!

The EP has only just been pressed to wax and it's already picking up love from Gilles Peterson, Jacques Renault, Eli Escobar, Soul Clap, Recloose, Frank Booker, Karizma, Lefto from Belgium and Lovemonk in Madrid. Don't let this record slip through those dusty fingers of yours.

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