Fritz Kalkbrenner - Sick Travellin' Album

Four yaers after his big breakthrough "Sky and Sand" (with his infamous brother Paul Kalkbrenner) and two years after his stunning debut "Here Today Gone Tomorrow“, Fritz Kalkbrenner takes the next huge step in his career with his second album "Sick Travellin“. Coming hot on the heels of his "Suol Mates“ compilation in March, a mixtape infused with an eclectic variety of genres – from Soul to Funk, from Hip Hop to House, Fritz now takes all these influences and ideas, fusing them together to a sound that is ever so powerful and distinctively his own.

The thirteen tracks on the new LP, produced in the only recently finished Suol-Studios in Berlin-Kreuzberg, have a more organic, mature sound than those on the debut. More vocals, more live instruments like Rhodes, Bass and Guitar, recorded by some of the best studio musicians around, and Fritz‘s trademark grainy, "breathing“ samples. Basically, a whole lot of Suol! Pardon me: Soul.

"Sick Travellin“ playfully guides the listener from bittersweet melancholy and classical songwriting to loose, dreamy dancefloor moments. Vocal tracks like "Get A Life“, "Little By Little“, "No Peace Of Mind“ and last but definitely not least, his cover version of Gil Scott-Heron‘s „Willing“ (recorded in the same session as Fritz‘s Bill Withers-Cover „Ruby Lee“ for the Suol Mates compilation) once again showcase Fritz Kalkbrenner‘s extraordinary talent as a vocalist and his incredible gift for embedding Pop songs into beautifully crafted House music frames. But that‘s not all: the albums more forward tunes like "Square Heart“, "Monte Rosa“ or the club anthem „Hummin‘ Hills“ will trigger waves of euphoria on the dancefloors all around the globe.

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