Maxxi Soundsystem - Regrets We Have No Use For (w/ Matthew Herbert remix)

I have previously described this release, but the release date keeps moving. It is now set to the 5th of November and it is also possible to hear a remix from Matthew Herbert.

Maxxi Soundsystem – "Regrets We Have No Use For" is double A side from Maxxi Soundsystem Featuring Name One on vocal duties and legendary sonic inventor Matthew Herbert in the remix role. Brighton based beatsmith Maxxi Soundsystem has risen to the top of the pile in recent months with heartfelt jams for Needwant and Futureboogie all fusing uplifting melodies with melancholic beats.

And it’s a similar MO on this unassumingly anthemic new track, ‘Regrets We Have No Use For.’ Characterised by a wavy, frayed synth line that grows louder then quieter in the mix, soft shakers bring some wiggle whilst the breathy voice of Name One floats up above. It’s charming and sultry, slowly working its way under your skin at the same time as making you dance all under pinned by a monstrous, all consuming and grumbling bass line that makes your chest throb and head bob.

Found sound innovator and general all round music chief Matthew Herbert goes for a much less soupy sound on his remix. The beats here are less smooth and more splintered, propping up the now distant, filtered vocal that drifts in and out of focus. Of course, the background synth are now much more unhinged and trippy in Herbert’s hands, with the resulting effect one suited to darkened back rooms in the dead of night.

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