Havens & Hart - Glow EP

The duo of, J.D. Havens and Aaron Hart known as Havens + Hart just released their latest EP off of Sleazy Deep recordings. The EP titled Glow is an alluring blend of disco and deep house. With their musical foundations set in Minneapolis house Havens + Hart have been hard at work putting their modern interpretation on this beloved re-emerging genre.
The first track off of the EP "Upper Level" is a retro sounding tune driven by its deep stabbing bass and down pitched vocals. The track sets the mood for the rest of the EP with it’s deep sleazy beat and disco accents. "Shoot’cha Down" also comes with a similar approach, the track is highlighted by its 808 drum beats deep bass and sexy vocal samples of Brandy’s - "I Wanna Be Down". The other two tracks of the EP are remixes of Upper Level by Cristoff and Sleazy Deep’s Rob Made. Each of the remixes add’s it character and a bit of a different approach to the EP.

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