Art Department - Touch You Gently

Art Department are back on the mothership Crosstown to kick off 2012 in lurid style with a slice of slow burning, chugging disco-tech and pendulum beats in new single 'Touch You Gently'. The B-side is taken care of with a powerful Brenann Green rework of 'Tell Me Why', from the much lauded album 'The Drawing Board'.

A-side 'Touch You Gently' is an embryonic blend of spooky synths, gliding, sexy basslines and futuristic bleeps offset with the ever-presence of Kenny's hypnotic layered vox, as ever, a true testament to their individuality and off-kilter spirit. It's deeper than deep and a sensual brainteaser that shifts up a gear with a floaty melodic breakdown in the final phase.

After attracting an impressive bag of remixers for 2011, including DJ Harvey, Daphni (aka Caribou), DBridge and TEED, It's no surprise that Crosstown have matched one of the most well-respected disco dons in the game with this release. Unlocking deeper dancefloor potential for 'Tell Me Why', NYC DJ and producer Brennan Green delivers his timeless groove with arpeggiated synths, syncopated drums, lush balaeric piano licks and whistles to boot. This remix is simply fantastic… come to that this single is simply superb!!

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