Hollis P Monroe - I'm Lonely (Larse Remix)

This is a 2012 re-issue of the classic “I'm Lonely” on Stickman Records from 1997.
The original club mix is still played by a lot of top-djs and they all probably have their own special edits of it as well. So why fix something if it ain't broken?
Well have a listen to this long-awaited remix-package from Noir Music and you will most likely find a version that you LOVE and agree that this classic track has been given a new lease of life that makes it sparkle. So if you know the original release. You surely supported it the first time around or picked it up later on.
Now you can support it once again with a remix and vibe that fits the underground dance-floors. And for those who are too young to know this classic. Here's your chance to discover a house classic in new guises. Subb-an, Laura Jones, SIS and Larse all contributed to this fantastic package and brought something different to the table. What they all have in common are productions that have paid respect to the original 1997 release and kept the original feel and love of the track.

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