The Mekanism – Can’t Believe

Needwant get set to welcome you to the world of Parisian super duo, The Mekanism, with a debut EP that will make you fall in love with their spin on disco infused house music. Effortlessly smooth and divinely deep, they capture an advanced and modern sound that will blow you away. The EP features three original tracks plus a remix from Needwant favourite, Mario Basanov who continues to gain notoriety as both an individual artists and within his Mario & Vidis project. Title track ‘Can’t Believe’ oozes with a funky yet deep groove and rhythm. The empowering melody and warm keys captivate the mind, as the murky vocal takes us deep. Lithuanian producer Mario Basanov steps in for remix duty, with a housier, deeper dance floor spin on the original ‘Can’t Believe’. Grumbling stabs and rounded melodic keys drive this remix with impressive results. Next up ‘Missing Love’ is highly infectious with its forceful bass, fluid warm keys, steady claps and captivating, deep vocal, which will engulf the dance floor. ‘Your Shade’ is the third of the original tracks on offer from the talented duo. Using their own vocal for a French twist, they prove their artistic worth for this smooth deep cut.

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