Gazeebo - Adults Only 3 EP

Canadian disco deviant Gazeebo returns with the third (count 'em) instalment of his well-respected Adults Only series. This time round, there's no overdubbed groans, just a heavy dose of contemporary electrofunk that gleefully joins the dots between original synth disco, Italo and noughties nu-disco. The bottom end is heavy, the beats snappy and the synths authentically vintage. Orlando-based Whisky Disco man Sleazy McQueen provides the standout remix, upping the tempo and adding some swing to the beats on a swirling, funk-laden nudisco take. There's also a delightful blast of Italo campness in the form of Zoe's Raygun Remix - the most markedly different of all the included revisions.


1. Bedroom Bullies (Gazeebo's Censored Mix)
2. Bedroom Bullies (Rayko Remix)
3. Bedroom Bullies (Sleazy McQueen Remix)
4. Bedroom Bullies (Zoe's Raygun Remix)

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